(Cloud or halo) – the off balance notion of using clouds to clarify


We live in a click-bait, sound-byte, censorship-by-saturation world where entrenched interests, corporations, news media, government, churches and untrustworthy information sources control the narrative, dictate the dialogue and drown or suffocate alternative voices.

NIMBUS seeks to expose perspectives, raise profiles, underscore points of view solely for their value as contributions to other ways of seeing, feeling, thinking and perceiving.

NIMBUS aims to develop and share other paths, outlooks, conclusions and rationales.

The goal is to be “productively provocative” and “provocatively productive”.

If this creates a certain tension because this is not the binary dialectic of argumentation or of proof, then that is the desired experience, a discomfort or a dissatisfaction that pushes and expands.

We are not here to judge but to act as self-appointed world observers and to convert observations into easy to grasp, thought provoking nimbus’.


Here there is no agreement or disagreement or argument, only perspective.


While this world covers any topic that can be expressed as a nimbus by the “nimboids”, here there is no straight, no gay, no male no female, no right, no left, no democrat, no republican, no good, no bad, no polarization, only consideration. We raise points and every contribution continues to elevate the points.


The caricatures here are called nimboids.

They are not humans but represent the human condition and allow the expression of ideas free of binary stagnation.

Nimboids have no eyes because, contrary to popular misconception, the eyes are NOT the window to the soul in a soulless society.

Nimboid faces are simple comic book speech and thought clouds. Because the human face tells us nothing, in a “my word is my bond” world, the spoken/written words become the truth of the facial expression and the thought clouds represent what can be thought vs. what is said.


This is the world of the interstitia. That is, a world between and around the polar arguments that have become the stranglehold on imagination, inspiration, instigation, boldness, daring and innovation.


To participate, simply express your thought or point of view in the framework of what can be said and what can be thought as juxtapositions using the nimbus graphic as a framework/structure.

The comic book speech cloud is the face of what can be said (or what is currently said) and the thought cloud represents what can be thought about what is said.

Here the goal can be expressed as S: for what is said and T: for what is thought. Should this community and the nimbus master select your contribution, it will be turned into a cartoon/comic known as a nimbus and displayed here with a credit.




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